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momo-smart-home-assistantYou won't believe what these new 2018 gadgets do?

Our home and office must advance as the technology does. Smart gadgets a become a permanent attraction for modern homeowners. The offer is vast; incredibly cool products can take your home to a new level. The latest devices are made to help people keep their homes, backyards, piscine and gardens smart.

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link Purifier make sure people respire clean air at home. The devices destroy allergens, pollutants, and dust. Also, necessary, the device removes unpleasant odors. The device works automatically; the user can constantly see the indoor air quality. The gadget captures the finest particles, such as bacteria and pet dander, and pollen. This device uses carbon granules to eliminate harmful toxins and unpleasant odors, working quietly. A led display makes the indicators visible in the night.

Momo Security Robot allows facial recognition, equipped with motion sensors. The device notifies the house owner in case of suspicious events. The robot can learn the normal owner behavior and oversee all functions in the house. The gadget is a hub for other smart devices.

Smart Mirror PA— is not a simple mirror; the gadget has a facial recognition component. When the owner sits in front of the mirror, he receives lots of information about the traffic, emails, weather and incoming events. The gadget, not designed for only one person is programmed for family members. The smart mirror personal assistant recognizes different family members and displays personalized information.

iGrill Smart Food Thermometer — it looks simply but solves a huge problem for every housewife. The chef knows that some meals cooked in an oven must benefit from a specific temperature. They also recommend not to open the oven's door frequently, to not damage the meals flavor and crust quality.

Smart Water Leakage Detector — leakage is a problem. It always takes people by surprise. If the leakage arrives when there is no one at home, the leakage becomes a disaster. People only realize when it's too late. The smart device detects leaks dangerous levels of humidity and freezing. The gadget notifies the house owner by phone about the unpleasant event. The disaster is prevented, no more leaking problems.

desk-organizer-cyanicsHere are some new office gadgets

Cyanics Desk Organizer — there are many desk organizers, but this one is the coolest. Organize the desk, has USB ports. Can be used for portable devices. The gadget has a special hub for smartphones. Takes up a little space.

The airbar — the gadget is a lightweight device that has a miraculous function it turns a laptop screen into a touchscreen. The user needs to attach the bar to the bottom of the laptop. Works for Windows 10 and Macs. It is handy in meetings, presentations or video conferences.

Standing Desk and Treadmill — this gadget is a surprising combination. The device is designated to improve the productivity and also to improve the health. People have the chance to work walking on a treadmill. The gadget had a paper holder, file folders, telephone, and headset holder. This useful gadget also has two cups holders. If someone is too busy to workout daily, the device allows to practice during working hours. The idea is not a recent one, but the newest versions deserve to be considered.

Connected Whiteboard — a cloud-based technology makes the gadget uses a whiteboard screen for brainstorming and meetings. The device makes the team-work more efficient.

Solar window charger — The gadget avoids the unpleasant moment when someone needs to charge their smartphone battery. The device saves money and because it uses the solar energy to charge a battery. The gadget is small, cheap and easy to be kept inside a drawer.

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