Versa Technology Introduces New Lightening Resistant Ethernet Extender Kit That Supports Link Loss Forwarding

Versa Technology has made a new addition to its Ethernet Extender product line, the VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender Kit. The VX-VEB160R2-P Extends Ethernet up to 300 meters at 100Mbps downstream, 55 Mbps upstream and 1km with speeds of 30mbps/6mbps, while supporting link loss fowarding. The VX-VEB160R2-P Also provides both Over Voltage and Over Current protection.

VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender

As bandwidth needs increase, especially with IPTV Triple Play video becoming more and more commonplace, the VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender Kit can fill in the gaps and cut cost by over 1000% versus digging for new fiber. Using just standard twisted pair while supplying up to 100Mbps, the VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender Kit really extends the network with the ability to provide up to four 100 Mbps connections on a single Cat 5e cable using four CO devices and four CPE devices. The VX-VEB160R2-P also provides the following:
One box design, CO / CPE selectable via DIP Switch;
Supports up to 1536 bytes packet size, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag transparent; Selectable target data rate and target SNR margin.

Overvoltage/Over Current Protection
The VX-VEB160R2-P is the only Ethernet Extender in the market today that provides both Over Current and Over Voltage protection. This allows for it to be deployed in areas like the South East United States where thunder and lightning storms happen on an almost regular basis. This way Service Providers can easily extend Ethernet without worrying about having a unit not covered by warranty if lightening strikes.

Link Loss Forwarding
The Versa Technology VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet extender is plug-n-play without any software to configure and is also fully compliant with various network protocols and has built-in Link Loss Forwarding function. This feature enables the unit to disable it’s Ethernet connection should be DSL link.

MTU / MDU / Hospitality Solution
The Versa Technology VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender Kit is the best solution to quickly provide cost-effective, high speed network services to multi-unit buildings, such as residential (multi-dwelling units) and commercial (multi-tenant units) buildings, hotels and hospitals. By utilizing the existing telephony infrastructure, network installation is straightforward and requires no new wiring. With up to 100/55Mbps, Video on Demand, IP telephony and various broadband services can be easily provisioned.

Availability and Testing:
The VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender Kit is available now and is already being deployed in networks across the world. Currently products are offered with a free 30 day trial to ensure that you get exactly what you are paying for.

The VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender starts at $279.00 for a pair and discount pricing for resellers and bulk quantity is available. The Versa Technology VX-VEB160R2-P Ethernet Extender is far and away the most cost effective solution in North America for expanding networks, today. You can learn more by contacting

Source: Versa Technology

 [July 13, 2009]

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