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Information technology is the use of computers and telecommunication to inform and communicate as well as manage data. Over the recent years, IT has become part and parcel of running businesses, steering marketing campaigns and storing data for companies. Most companies rely on IT for their daily operation. Therefore, it is good for an IT guy to have a place they can turn to in order to get knowledge and sharpen their skill in IT. Want to know who is dolling the dirt, here are some excellent sources you may or may not know about.

Adventures-in-Automation website gives information on automated frameworks as well as software security and testing. It offers a platform for question and answer for software engineers shifting from manual to automated testing. There are several articles such as setting up Ubuntu Linus with docker.

Anoop is a blog that sharpens the IT guy on infrastructure-management, with key focus on Microsoft technologies majorly in SCCM. There are a series of tutorials on the website such as creating an AD group based on SCCM collection.

David storms web-informant - On this blog, there are articles on a multitude of computing and IT related topics. The blogger writes several informative articles and gives insights into the world of network and internet technologies.

IT pro-guru -This blogger is an expert in systems management and also a chief technologist strategist for Microsoft. On this blog, an IT guy will get information on building successful strategies and solutions. There are several informative articles.

Moving Packets- This blog gives information on how to keep protocols, architecture and technology to the evolving landscape. There are several informative articles posted on the blog such as the need for stretched VLAN’s.

Scalable Startups is a blog with information on AWS, performance, MquI, and scalable startups. There are several articles written regularly on current issues on the field of IT. There is a particular article on whether software architecture is failing.

Visual studio code is important information to know in IT. It makes your work easier and more efficient. This is highlighted on the blog Scott Hansel man and gives advice on how to accomplish it.

Local Startup-empowers focuses on a large-scale precision and automated manufacturing. This is highlighted on the Stephenson blog which enlightens us on the internet-of-things. The technique here is focused on strategy as well as breakthrough and management.

The chief security-strategist Richard Bejtlich blog is about strategy, digital security, and military history. This blog is famously known for cyber security domains, on 'advanced’ network-security monitoring and much more.

Tech Bunny is famously known for the network 'HACK’ that wasn’t to be and much more information. Helps information technology guys to prevent hacking and advise clients on how to prevent hacking. Tom Hollingsworth is famed for being an organizer for tech field day. This website is famously known for programming unbound. It enables the IT guys understand the dynamics of data.

Wahl Network is a blog that deals with 'technicaI-solutions for technical-people’ which is written by Chris Wahl. The blog also contains tips and tutorials to webinar announcements as well as news and trends products and more.

Cyber Security is a manger component in the information technology sector. Offering insights on leadership, HMG Strategy is committed to helping IT guys understand this concept. This website helps to inform you on the latest trends.

The above is information preferences that every tech guy should be knowledgeable about. Through this information, IT guys can help save lives and give good advice.

IT News Link